Statement on use of the Notre Dame logo

The Licensing Department is the commercial brand manager of the University’s indicia. See their site for more information.

Notre Dame and Chapman High School have been in communication about the school’s use of Notre Dame’s leprechaun logo and have worked cordially and cooperatively to resolve this matter since 2006.

Chapman is one of many schools that, over the years, have adopted the nickname Fighting Irish and/or used one of the University’€™s other trademarked logos. Notre Dame does not actively seek out such schools, but when a school’€™s use of our trademarked symbols comes to our attention, we do notify it and ask administrators there to find alternatives.

From a legal standpoint, to allow others to use our trademarks as their own could dilute the University’s rights to its own logos to the point that we would run the risk of our marks becoming generic and losing those rights. Because generic marks are not entitled to protection under trademark law, any individual or organization could then use the marks for any purpose, including those that may be contrary to Notre Dame’s values.

While the University appreciates the intended respect that high schools show by desiring to align with Notre Dame, it is unfortunately necessary to follow up on such situations as we become aware of them. The schools have always understood and Chapman is no exception. Its superintendent of schools has graciously acknowledged Notre Dame’s position and is moving forward in a positive way by creating an opportunity for the community to work together to create and design a new mascot for the high school.

Notre Dame understands the costs associated with buying new uniforms, replacing stationery, changing signage and other factors, and we are happy to allow these items to be used until they need to be replaced.

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